I’m very proud to announce that Malarious, CollegeHumor’s joint charity venture with Malaria No More, is live at

About six months ago, Malaria No More came to us for help dreaming up with an ambitious anti-malaria campaign.  This is the result: 24 funny videos featuring celebrities that you can watch by making a small contribution to Malaria No More.  It’s an online telethon!

Why would we do this?  Three reasons:

1.  Malaria Sucks, and it’s totally stoppable.  Every minute, a child dies from malaria, but all it takes is a dollar to treat a child for malaria.  In other words, buy Malarious and save a life. 

2.  It’s a cool format.  It’s like what Louie C.K. and Aziz Ansari did with their online specials, but for charity, and it raises the bar for online charity programs in general.

3.  We got to make funny videos with some thoroughly awesome people.  Personal favorites include Ed Helms trying to swallow a sword, Elizabeth Banks getting pied in the face like a hundred times, and Nick Offerman reading a slam poem about bacon.

I couldn’t possibly say all the relevant thank yous, but special ones go to my extraordinary team for handling a bicoastal production, Malaria No More for being remarkably cool and creative partners, and my childhood hero Weird Al Yankovic for getting dunked in a dunk tank.

Please pass word of this around, and - if you’re able - give generously.

Sam, Spencer, Jaime and the entire team at CollegeHumor have been us away with their commitment on this project. So proud to work with them in the fight against malaria.

Source: College Humor
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    Sam, Spencer, Jaime and the entire team at CollegeHumor have been us away with their commitment on this project. So...
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    Hilarity for charity!
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    I am extremely proud to have been part of the company-wide effort that was responsible for this series of videos. Please...
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